Graduation Goodie Can


Clear gallon can #30064733

Laser line paper

Laser Line letter

Laser line banner

Assorted ribbons cut 5 (about 30 strips total to tie on handle)

Card stock 4x4

Double stick tape

Metallic Shreds



Cut Laser line paper into two 4x12 strips. Adhere at one end to make one long strip.

Place the strip around the can and adhere.

Adhere the 4x4 square over the seam.  Place the Laser line letter on top  with double sided tape.

Tie the 5 ribbons along the handle alternating the colors.

Make a tag using the Laser line banner and card stock, attach on the handle with extra ribbon.

Fill Can with metallic shreds and goodies for the Graduate.




2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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